Organic Tara Gum
1 LB

Tara Gum is an all natural food gum used for thickening, and giving shape to food. It is made naturally and often used in baking and ice cream.

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Organic Tara Gum


Happy Andes’s Tara Gum comes from the seed of the Tara plant, it is ground to a find powder and is all natural, gluten-free, and Non-GMO. It is perfect to thicken your food and give it shape. Tara Gum replaces Guar Gum and Locust Bean Gum and can be used as an alternative to Xanthan Gum.

Setting us apart from the other brands, each of our ingredients are single-source, not shipped around the world. We source each food and prepare it all from our community in Peru, bringing you and your family the highest quality and freshest food available.


Organic Tara Gum:
-All Natural.
-Digestible Fiber.The perfect addition to all natural baking and ice cream. Tara Gum is an essential staple for bakers. We would love to hear what you think about it!

Happy Andes Tara Gum is one of our beloved foods essential in our mission. Not only do we use it ourselves, we also give back through our non-profit organization, Happy Little Faces. This is our free preschool for impoverished children in our local Peruvian community.

Thank you for choosing Happy Andes Tara Gum and being a part of the story of the next generation children of the Andes!


1.5 years.

Storage Conditions

Store in a cool and dry place.


1 tsp for most applications per cup of final product.


1 lb.

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